Matthew Cicanese

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National Geographic Explorer and Documentary Artist

National Geographic Explorer & Documentary Artist Matthew Cicanese examines the intersection of art, science, and the visceral connections that humans have with the natural world. Matthew’s work illuminates the life forms that exist in the periphery of humankind – yet hold critical significance to our planet. An Associate Fellow with the iLCP (International League of Conservation Photographers), Matthew works with nonprofits & other entities around the world to produce engaging media with lasting impact. You can find Matthew’s work many places, from the gallery wall to the classroom, where it inspires his audience to be more cognizant of the natural world.

His clients include National Geographic, Canon USA, the World Wildlife Foundation, and more. Matthew’s work has been featured in esteemed publications including Photo District News, BBC Earth, New Scientist, & the cover of World Wildlife Magazine. In 2015 Matthew was named a finalist for the Atkins CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year Awards for his work titled Portrait of Cladonia. Matthew engages with his global audience through workshops, speaking engagements, private expeditions, & marketing media production. 

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