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At ACCESS Collective, we believe in experts, not influencers. If you want to know why, just read this article, but if you’re already on the same page, and you need a capable partner to create world-class assets and tell captivating stories, then look no further.

Case Study:


The Bahia Hotel and Beach club

Cabo San Lucas

The hotel is surrounded by luxury resorts who’s main goal is to sell all inclusive packages and make sure their guests stay on the property. The owners of the Bahia run it with a different mindset. They personally meet most of the guests that come to stay, and they know that Cabo has far more to offer than a beachside pool. They encourage their guests to take out a paddle board, drive the East Cape, or take a boat out to snorkel with the sea life. The crowd that they want are the people who come to experience Cabo, not just see it.

We developed a series of campaigns aimed at supplying them with the assets that would enable a visual storyline for them to use in marketing materials. It would be something that excited the kind of guests that they want, and also something they could point to on their hotel walls to spark up a conversation, and tell the stories behind the images.

1. Fine art shoot

We were tasked with creating the art that would hang on the walls of the Bahia Hotel. The owners Lee and Meredith are interested in portraying the hotel in a glamorous but also adventurous light. So, we brought Aleksandra, who is both a top model, and an extremely adventurous and capable water person. The images tell the story of her trip to the Bahia, and were almost entirely taken in a photojournalistic style with minimal posing.

3. Influencer Marketing

Our third project with the Bahia, was to bring down talent that could spread the story of the hotel to more people through their own social media platforms than an average travel magazine could reach with it’s entire distribution. Our campaign reached into the millions of views on social media alone, and provided the hotel with more wall art for its beach club, and content for advertising.


5. Coffee Table Book

We got so much great content during our shoots, we added value by creating a coffee table book utilizing the fine art images shot for the hotel. It would be something that people could take home as a reminder of staying at the Bahia.


2. Adventure Asset Creation

The other thing that they needed, was the material that they could use in marketing. It’s easy for them to get shots of the rooms and hotel, but they wanted authentic images that capture what it felt like to spend a week at the hotel. These would be the images that they would use on their website, social media, and in advertising.

4. Native Advertising

People know where they want to go, and what they want to do, but then they have to figure out how to make it all happen. They turn to google, blogs, and to the experiences of people who have come before them to gather knowledge that will help them make their final decision.

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 8.38.31 PM.png

6. Activities Video

Finally, we provided the Bahia with a video to play in their concierge area that highlights the activities that are available to the guests.