Full Tilt Films

Full Tilt is a UK based production company in partnership with ACCESS Collective.

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Full Tilt Films is a new creative Production Company that makes daring and courageous content for TV and brands.

It was launched in 2018 by Nick O'Meally and Dan Etheridge, a Series Producer/Director and Director of Photography/ Producer who between them have over 30 years in TV production. Their philosophy is to approach every project at Full Tilt, with maximum energy and passion, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible within adventure documentary film making.

Alongside their projects for Full Tilt, Nick and Dan also work for host of brands and broadcasters; UK terresterials like Channel 4 and BBC, global channels such as Discovery and National Geographic and commercial clients and brands. It means they are lucky enough to make content and tell stories in some of the world's most interesting places and diverse cultures.

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Dan Ethridge


Dan is Full Tilt Film's creative director with a background in adventure documentary filmmaking. He's been taking cameras to remote environments for most of his career and recently taken adventure filming to an entirely new level of extreme, pioneering a new genre of immersive, survival filmmaking. He filmed (and survived) on the first series of Bear Grylls ‘The Island’ and recently put himself through a gruelling expedition across the Pacific to film 'Mutiny', an epic survival documentary for Channel 4. He continues to make beautiful and raw content in some of the world’s most hostile environments, most recently returning from 50 days filming in the Amazon jungle. 

Follow Dan: Instagram @dannyeth Twitter @danny_etheridge and LinkedIn

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Nick is an experienced documentary filmmaker. As a Director he’s self-shot and and helped shape the vision and look of iconic US shows like 'Gold Rush', the highest rating Discovery show of all time, alongside ground breaking UK terrestrial television like Channel 4's 'Escape' described as 'The Krypton Factor meets Survivor'.

He's managed productions and large teams in remote and difficult locations across the planet. He’s run expeditions in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, the slopes of Ecuadorian volcanos and recently built virtual film sets in the Panamanian Jungle and upon an Icelandic glacier. 

Follow Nick: Twitter @nickomeally and LinkedIn