Andy Bardon

Filmmaker and Photographer

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I grew up with the icy green waters of the Atlantic coursing through my veins, but even as a child, the mountains of the West won my heart. The outdoor world inspires me, and I am driven to document human interaction with wild environments. I'm motivated to shoot it, because I live it. Based in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I spend every free minute outdoors immersed in adventurous pursuits with a genuine smile on my face. Both stills and motion have a place in my heart, I simply see them as different tools to tell a great story.

My vision is clean, strong, firmly rooted in authenticity, and I am refreshingly direct. I climbed high on the slopes of Mount Everest to make photos, dove deep in the clear blue waters of Tahiti to shoot video, and scaled the side of El Capitan to capture both stills and motion for major brands. Now internationally published, I work for a select group of commercial and editorial clients, as well as contribute regularly to National Geographic.

With a humble perspective gained spending time in the mountains, I take my work very seriously, but I definitely don’t take myself too seriously. I see solutions, not problems. I focus on what can be done, not what can't be done. I firmly believe that creative collaboration is the key to getting great work accomplished. We're all in this together. Let's get it.

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